(IDEA) Flickering Pumpkin & Antique Painting


I have a cool idea for Flickering Pumpkins & an Antique Painting!

I just realized, this will be VFK's 15th Halloween!!! WOW!  Crazy.  We have had many HOST HUNTS for flickering pumpkins.  We have every color of the rainbow in flickering pumpkins EXCEPT YELLOW!

I would love to suggest a Yellow Flickering Pumpkin with Black eyes/mouth.  Then we will have every color in flickering Pumpkins!

To celebrate 15 years of HOST HUNTS for flickering pumpkins (wow I cant believe it is that many) I thought of a cool idea for an antique painting!

To celebrate 15 years of flickering Pumpkins, I thought a super rare cool painting for the Halloween shop finale!  This painting would be...

FLICKERING PUMPKINS - The painting could be a big golden frame painting & the painting feature every flickering pumpkin in existence.  They can be bunched together just on a black canvas, or maybe even make a scene out of it by positioning the pumpkins on hay bales/ an environment.  

For the animation - The pumpkins could flicker always throughout the painting, but maybe the big animation is the lights go out and you just see their faces glowing/flickering? Maybe a lightning strike too?

It would be super cool to do a painting of all these pumpkins together & since the items already exist, it could be easier than redrawing an entire new art work for a painting.

If not this, I would love a painting of a pumpkin head scarecrow/monster holding pumpkins.

Hope all pumpkin lovers like this idea
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