No-Trade Clothing Should Be Store-able

Due to higher loading times in the Wardrobe with the clothes I(and likely other players) have collected over the years, I've been working towards putting the clothes I won't wear regularly in clothing storage bins. The problem is, the Non-transferable clothing can't be placed into storage, which for my case has resulted in having 581 pieces of clothing that I can't remove from my Clothing Tab.

This includes but isn't limited to the starter clothes, mermaid hair, Splashtastic 3D swimsuits, competition/racing gear, birthday clothes, Epic Quest gear, pony tack, Santa hats, beta clothes, special Event items, and Ice Sorcerer hairs.

I'm not sure why storage bins can't handle them unless there's an issue with storage bins being traded with items still inside, which if it is the case then that should probably be amended so that storage bins empty out when traded since that's not a necessary system in trading? 

As more non-tradable items come into the game, the loading times on these Inventory-Only items will increase for players over time which can be an inconvenience to both the players and likely VFK's system.
Letting us put these into storage would be awesome. Thanks. ^^
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