Game Stuck and Can't Continue

The game has glitched in a few places but was able to save and go back to fix it. Unfortunately, that hasnt worked this time. 
I just grabbed a key out of a door on the streets and had plenty of time left before a werewolf got me. The screen turned black with "stars" and i could not click anywhere or put the key back.  I waited to die for another chance, and I am outfront of the house and cannot move or click on anything.

I shoulve known better and saved right before i headed out again, but I really do not want to have to start back over which would be all the way before saving Nancy. I cannot take that 20 minute block of dialog again..... 


  • Hi @Guest373635

    We can send you a Saved Game right after your find the key so you don't lose any progress!  Also you can skip any dialog in the game by pressing the space bar.

    To send you the Saved Game you can reply here with the e-mail you would like ti sent to, or if you write a note to: we can reply to that!

    Thank you for letting us know about this and I hope this helps!

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