Some more Dragon brush burning prizes

I'd really love to see the Ethereal Entanglement full moon prizes be put into circulation with the dragon bush/wood burning, since it's otherwise pretty difficult to get them for crafting. Full moon events don't last long and it's kinda hard to get into them, so making the ingredients easier to obtain on a random basis would really help with getting them for things like room/magic building. (I've never been able to make that Crossword Desk room because of all the Ethereal items it needs ;_;)

It'd also be nice to see the Angora Thread and Cloth be put in circulation there too, since right now it's only singular Angora Bunny Fluffs while Baumwolle/Wool/etc lets you get all its forms. :)


  • I second this, especially adding angora thread and yarn to burning.

    We either need to see a new way to get the Ethereal Entanglement full moon prizes since the events rarely occur or to just keep consistent with the events occurring every full moon. I'd be down for either!


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