Game skipped tons of information?? Spoilers

our game has been buggy since downloading it and we've had to restart twice now. It felt like the screen wasn't matching what we were clicking ex: try to open door to dining room, game thinks we're opening key cabinet-unable to move. Or game thinks we need to find a lightswitch for the basement but we haven't opened that door yet. The worst glitch is we somehow stumbled across Mr. Reed and had the whole game spoiled for us. We never saw his wife or had any theories at that point... I'm super disappointed.


  • Hi @MackenzieB,

    That is really odd, we've never had anyone experience that before and we're so sorry to hear it spoiled the game.  If there is a way we can help please don't hesitate to let us know!

    We would definitely want to fix this issue and if you could provide some information on what happened before you found Mr. Reed it would be very helpful to us.  Such as, what took place right before you found him?   Which walk mode were you playing in?  And were you in classic windowed mode or the new frameless mode?

    Additional information about your computer would help greatly too, such as your Windows or Mac version and system specifications, graphics and processor, etc?

    We really appreciate you reaching out to us with this information, and we're sorry this occurred

    Thank you 

  • Spoiler:
    We saw Nancy and played her game, then we went outside and talked about the bell. We got stuck and clicked around until we got the painting in the basement. We placed the painting and then got stuck again so went outside and found the break in the fence behind the house. When we got inside everything we clicked said something like we should only take one item. I guess by luck we got the mustache cup. Then we went in the house and followed the instructions to go to the basement. I want to say we played it (without having to restart) 30 minutes until that point? I feel a bit ripped off to be honest.
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    Oh sorry I forgot to mention we started in compatible fullscreen, but after the second restart we were windowed with the classic frame. Walk mode (used mouse) its a newer windows laptop, not sure the specifications bc its my sister's. But it successfully ran two of your other games.
  • Acer Aspire 7 Laptop - A715-73G-726G

  • Thank you so much for all the information it really helps!

    It looks like your computer has more than enough power to run the game quite well!

    I think I understand what has happened, in Walk Motion Mode it sounds like you were able to get to the shed in the woods out of sequence, we will definitely fix this and publish an update for it as soon as possible!

    We will also investigate the click issue you experienced at the kitchen door and the basement light switch. 

    If you would like, we can can provide you with a saved game beginning from before things got out of sequence for you.

    Also, we would definitely like to do something to make up for the story getting spoiled, so if there is something we can do please let us know!

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    I'm going to give you my sister's email since she purchased and downloaded the game.
  • Hi @MackenzieB,

    We have sent you an e-mail containing the saved game including directions on how to copy it into the saved game folder.

    - Mintie
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