A step in the right direction.

Hello all fellow HER/Miss Clue fans!

#6 in The Miss Clue Game series ,Christmas at Donner Pass, falls into the middle for me.  It's absolutely a step in the right direction, it has a more main stream feel, and all the addition to atmosphere is something which really needed to be done.  It's a little rough around the edges but if Miss Clue takes the feedback from all the fans, which I hope they do, then their next game should really hit it out of the park!

It was fun having the characters kind of sneak up on you, made them feel more like real people who did things, but I want them to be in a place I can find them to talk to also.  I thought this game lacked some of the suspense that some of the previous games had (Such as FFD and CMD) not that I should complain about feeling safe...

Some things I would suggest for the next game; I thought it needed more things to nose around in and I know none of the other games have this yet, but I would really like a check list.

Again, step in the right direction and I'm excited to see what mystery is next!

7/10 would be the overall rating.

See you all


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