Should I buy Christmas at Donner Pass?

This is a quick review without spoilers for those considering to buy CDP.

First would I recommend the game?
Yes I absolutely would, the switch to the 3D look it feels a lot more like other games on the market with of course the Miss Clue flare.

How is the length?
I would say the length is good and definitely worth the price.

How would you describe the game?
The story is the driving force in it and is actually pretty deep and has a lot of aspects to think about during and even after the game is over.  This MissClue is a little more towards the horror genre but with some comical twists to bring is back in line with a normal mystery.

There is more comedy than you would expect, puzzles are less but well integrated, there are enough people in it to make you feel there is a world outside of the one you are exploring and the graphics are great!

There you have it in a nutshell, there is of course a lot more but this is meant to be a quick read.

Overall I think any Mystery fan would like it and it made a nice addition to my collection.

This is of course just my opinion.


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