I finished guys!!  AND Oh my gosh..... Some of that was so scary, my husband had to keep checking on me because I would scream 
*is a chicken though* ~:>
BUT really, that last part O_O
AHHHHHH *wakes up in the night screaming*

Okay I'm done now...Anyway!  I want to thank everyone here because I was fully expecting to come crying to the MCMB screaming HELP but every time someone had already asked what I was going to, so... I was like, "hey thanks!  now I can just go back to playing" So to all of you out there THANK YOU.

This isn't really a review just a pat on my back for finishing =D> =D> =D> thank you thank you *bows* okay, now back to what I was saying,  I would DEFINITELY recommend this game, it was fun and silly but spooky SCARY and the same time with a sweet ending.  I ran into a few problems but it looks like they got taken care of after I reinstalled so that was as bonus. :-bd

I already want to play another!  Please have it be soon [-O<  Umm...okay about the current game I tried all the modes, Cinematic was my favorite, then Walk (which I used mostly outside) and then Glide,  I liked the number of characters, the guys in green was the best IMHO, REALLY liked the story line, it was very specious and beautiful, liked the change from night to day and liked exploring the house!  Only wish I lived there myself!  Ahh... I've always wanted a house with balconies.

Since this has turned into a review of sorts I should probably say cons right?

So, cons:  I wanted mores things to nose around in *I'm so nosey* umm... more back story found it really fascinating.

AHHH not a good time to ask me these things, I just finished so I'm excited!!  I'll put more in when I think of them

Thanks for listening!

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