Christmas At Donner Pass Feature Requests!

While helping Jane Solve Christmas At Donner Pass, if you think of any features or changes to the interface you'd like to see,  be sure to let us know here! 

We will be making changes all the time, and would love to include additions to make Miss Clue Even better for this Mystery and more to come!

One feature which is currently in the pipeline is the ability to advance dialog in a conversation, by either hitting the space bar, or clicking the mouse.  Which would you like to see?

Miss Clue Feature Poll!
  1. Preferred way to advance dialog in a conversation:
    1. By hitting the Space Bar
    2. Clicking the mouse button
    3. Both


  • It has been decided that the Space Bar will be the Preferred way to advance dialog in a conversation!  It should be included in the next updated version of CDP!  

    Stay tuned!

  • From our newest poll, there are 2 more updates which will be coming soon!

    Update Double-Doors to both open when you click.
    Ability to turn off being able to look up and down in Cinematic Mode.

  • Howdy!

    We want to thank everyone who participated in the newest poll!  It has been decided that the ability to look up and down in Cinematic Mode will be off by default in a future update!

    Additionally the option to skip dialog with the Space Bar is in the current version of Christmas At Donner Pass v. 1.0.9.  you can find the version number on the title of the launcher or on the lower right corner of the last page of HELP book inside the menu to see if you are up to date!

    Watch for more exciting update!

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