Future host event improvement (boy/girl rewards)

There should be a -choice- at the end of a host event so a player can select a 'male' OR a 'female' prize which was won (if there are specific boy or girl prizes awarded).  I play 8 clones, and 99% of the time, only Flame gets pulled in once or twice.  Hence:  I end up with only boys jackets or anything else which is a 'girl or boy' prize.  My wife and daughter play, so sometimes I can come out with maybe 1 of each type of prize (1 boy item and 1 girl item).  Like myself, hosts usually only pull in their mains as well, so each of them get a 'girl' prize.  I'm getting tired of getting almost entirely male prizes, when I may already have a male prize and need a girl version.  2 cents.


You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
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