Audio suggestion

Hi staff.  Just a quick suggestion.  With the browser based VFK, I could mute certain tabs which contained a certain clone.  Sometimes I'll leave someone sit in a location as an 'anchor'.  The problem?  While we can mute background noises/music in EA, it doesn't 'stick'.  So I turn audio off in the new EA client for 'x' clone.  Next time I log them on, the audio is back on again.  And other clones logged into the EA client at the same time have audio from different rooms that clash with each other.  Sometimes I have to turn my speakers off.  Persistent 'mute' should be an option.

This also is somewhat related to the 'ignore' button.  We can ignore people using the button on their lanyard, but next time we log in, it's reset to allow that person to be heard again.  Sometimes...ya just wanna not hear someone forever, lol.  Rare, but it should be an option.

Just offering a suggestion that might make the game better.  Thanks for hearing me out.  Flame

You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
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