Twinkles baby niece only for days old now ;) pictures

luna rose and mickey picmy baby niece was born four days ago and i love holding her and singing to her. hugs Twinklesluna rose pic 2
Luna rose  pic 1
luna pic 3


  • Oh my goodness -faints from all the cuteness-!!!
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  • Hi Holly Awe ty ty  . She is so soft and has strong tiny  legs that like to kick hee heee. She loves when i walk around humming or singing to her . . I get to see her again Sunday... I'm so excited she fidgets and plays with her left ear. then she yawns and has the quietest breathe sleeping like a tiny whistle. hug Twinkles
  • That is one adorable baby girl!!  You don't get to see babies as cute as her very often!  Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Awwww such a sweet face...  and she's so big for only 4 days!! :O  If she knew she was getting to see you again Sunday I bet she would be really excited!  It sounds like you two have a lot of fun together!

    My favorite is the first picture where she's looking at Mickey! <3 
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  • Oh MY!!!   She is just adorable Twinkles.   Please keep those pictures coming.  
    I just love the Mickey Hat with the Yellow Bow.   How cute.
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