melodies suggestion/issue

Hi staff.  The melodies for Halloween and Easter might be more fun if we had a little 'radar screen' on our open game of VFK, showing where to search for a melody.  Just a thought for those who have bad hearing, or who just aren't good at it.  I end up helping a fair amount of people through it because they can't get it done themselves.

Also, SIGH, can we please -not- have the melody we're searching for literally on top of a 'way out'??!!  That's incredibly maddening, and I think it goes back to beta (if I'm not mistaken).  Also some melodies in colonial (Merchant Square) end up under the blue roof of the building to the right of the screen...and is crazy difficult to get to because we can't see where we are (let alone finding the already hidden melody).  I've had good/bad luck getting it after switching fairy off.  Sometimes it works.  But I think finding melodies which are not obstructed by the usual buildings/objects in rooms satisfying enough.

That's about it.  One of my favorite tasks is the melodies.  However, I'd enjoy them a heck of alot more if they weren't on a 'way out' exit, and not hidden underneath something.  Much thanks!!  Flame

You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick


  • I agree. The way out ones are! I think Flame has a good idea here.
    Ty for considering it, staff!
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