Space Hat

Howdy Staff ( @VFK_Enigma, @VFK_Mintie, @VFK_Vintage, @VFK_Cactus, @VFK_staff ),

It would be amazing if we could get a VFK Space cap (ball cap) to match the Space Jump Suite we received last year.  The hat could be white with the NASA logo on the front of the ball cap.  The logo much like the one that is displayed on the right shoulder of the Spacetastic Hooded Shirt.

Anyway, PLEASE consider the release of a ball cap like this.  It would complete the Space Jump Suite and the Spacetastic Hooded ansemble.

Through Love & Light,



  • YES we need this plz plz plz we need a baseball cap
    I have 2 cats and 1 fish.  I love sports, my favorite color is yellow
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