Puzzle help please

does anyone have a picture with all the puzzle pieces put together and names or just some way i can know how to put it togeater



  • How do you get puzzle pieces?
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    Hi, if you've rotated your puzzle pieces you will want to store them all, then place them all out and don't rotate them, they all come out of your inventory the same rotation!  After that it's pretty easy to put together the corners and edges leaving only the middle!  

    If you say "I've solved the Puzzle!"  It will make words appear on the pieces which makes it easier to solved.  However the words are upside down, so if you want, you can rotate all the pieces and put it together again to read it better.  If you want the answer to the riddle on the puzzle it's:


    Go the the Miss Clue Clock tower, which is a special room from a Christmas gift, and say "conundrum"

    I hope this helps @LittleBambi Also here is a picture of the puzzle put together:


    @DJROXSOCKS a lot of the puzzle pieces are retired however, you can see where they all came from here:

    again, hope this helps!!!!!!!


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  • @MistyMew oh wow thank you
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