Birthday wish list

Since my birthday is next month I decided to put up my wish list:

space bottles
angora fluff
wizard clothes
elementals (ice water, fox.gloves, cinnamon dust, burning embers, morning mist, and magma coals)
rose hedges
Fairy Meadow Furniture
antique fortune teller table
antique christmas rugs
antique christmas sleigh
fairy teleporters and rug
Antique Gren doll's Claw - Orb
Antique Raven Talisman Necklace 
Antique claw chair
Antique half-moon vanity
Antique haunted floor mirror
Antique half moon chair
Antique curious wall clock
Antique half moon bed
Golden Spinning Wheel
Mrs Claus Sewing Stool - Antique
Mrs Claus Sewing Machine - Antique
Medieval Jousting Arena 
Raven in a Bird Cage - Antique
Spooky Hear.see - Antique
"Ghostly Waltz" Record-Antique
"Haunted Waltz" Record-Antique
"Magic in the Night" Record-Antique
Moon and Stars Music Box-Antique
Carousel Hippocampus-Antique
Witch Potion Stand-Antique
Witch Broom Herbs-Antique
Enchanted violin-Antique
flower coffin-Antique
Enchanted Cello-Antique
Enchanted Trumpet-Antique
hanging glowing orb cage blue-antique
curious witch rug round-antique
Yorick's skull-Antique
Dancing Ghost Music box-Antique
girl Santa robe-Antique
Grandfather clock-Antique
Mrs. Claus stove-Antique
Unusual Christmas rug-Antique
Unusual Christmas rug-round-Antique
emerald orb-antique
Witch Broom Herbs - Antique
Miniature haunted castle-antique
Blue beard's bride picture-antique
Ice pony sculpture
Christmas animatronic fox-antique
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