For our vehicles

I am wondering if you could make us a garage for our cars/motorcycles etc. Something like the stables for our animals so we can store our vehicles together??


  • I was thinking this the other day, we have a lot of cars now but not proper storage. Great Idea!
  • I love this idea!
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  • Love the club rooms, fourthing this idea!
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  • Bump - especially now that we have another car.. 
  • Love this idea!

  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Flame

    You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
  • Flamanar said:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Flame

  • bump
  • I love this idea YES plz!

  • I'd really love to have this. 
  • This is a great idea. It didn't occur to me how many cars we have now.
  • I second this. I like the Astro Club that came with the membership. I was wondering if there were any clubs that came after that (not counting the gold stamp ones), especially for memberships that has 2-3 varied mounts to choose from!

    Please staff make one - maybe add it to the new Victorian membership? :D :D :D

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