Ice Coin Micro Quests

I think it would be nice if the Ice Coin Micro Quests were re-doable. For example, we are able to redo the "VFK Minerva's Purple Sea Kelp Quest" every 24 hours or so. I think it would be really nice to be able to repeat the Ice Coin (and Sand Dollar, when that time comes) Micro Quests every 24 or 48 hours. I am only suggesting this because I am sure a lot of people just do the quests again on their clones to get more ice coins, but it seems silly to have to make a new account (and take up space in VFK servers) to redo the quests, when we could simply just have a "redo" timer set and save space on VFK. 

I know there are other options (like playing games or solitaire) to get ice coins, but the majority of people do the Micro quests, and then repeat them on their clones. I personally don't have a lot of clones, so I don't want to have to make more just to do the quests again, when we could just have a timer added to the quests for everyone.

Let me know if you agree and like this, or if you don't like this idea and why! (or if you have a suggestion to change the idea/make it better!)


  • Great idea! It honestly takes up so much time with clones and then transferring items over. And I usually don't play games because they take long, I'd have to spend 10 minutes to get only 1-2 coins with games. So yeah I agree with this new concept, it will definitely save all of us a lot of time. 

  • I think this is a great idea, especially since certain items in the ice coin section are pricier than they should be (ie the wall panels that are 6-8 ice coins) and players don't play the games as much. If we were able to do the quests multiple times it would be so much easier. 
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