Judging PSA!

Hey everyone!! As judging is right around the corner I thought I'd put out a PSA about judging. 

1. Please use Zoom In/Out: Sometimes in big rooms, there is an issue with scrolling or scrolling doesn't work due to the lag, or maybe some other reason. With the zoom feature, you can easily see the entire room without a hassle. For those you don't know, its "Control +" to zoom in, "Control -" to zoom out, and "Control 0" for regular screen again.

2. Please have patience: Bigger rooms tend to take a while to load, and due to large amount of items in the room it also takes a while to load. Also, lag is something we all experience on VFK, there is nothing we can do to completely avoid it. So please be considerate of that when judging. 

3. Please read the description: If you are not understanding the concept of the room, do take a moment to read the description as it'll provide an explantation of the room. 

4. Remember the categories: This is not just a gingerbread contest, the contest also includes "Christmas" "Winter" and "Other" as the categories when judging. Please be mindful of that when judging as not everyone has built a gingerbread entry. 

This is everything I could think of right now, feel free to add more below. I know many of you are already aware of all this information, but just wanted to put this out as a reminder and for those who may be new to judging or returning to judging after a long time. 

GOOD LUCK to everyone participating. I can't wait to see all the amazing entries :)



  • I just hope that I place either third or above this year!
  • great list!

    i feel like when music/sound effects are used in a room it's really just brings everything together..so one thing i'd like to add is to make sure your volume is up so you get the full experience. :)

    art gallery 2
    "All he wanted was a hug and Piper set him on fire" - VFK_Vintage
    "YOU CHEESE CUBES >:U" - VFK_Enigma
    "If I had a bucket of cheese spread and a mop ... I'd coat the floor in cheesiness." - VFK_Enigma
    "I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.” - Buddy the elf
    "Panic! at the Space Party Boat" - VFK_Vintage

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