Wall colors, floor types, new client wishlist, misc.

Whether these items have been brought up before or not, figured I'd throw them out there.  Some suggestions/observations:

1)  instead of relying on 'tiles' to change/cover a floor, how about a color/texture button with presets?  I've used this type of system on other games.  Same with walls.  If I want a room to have colonial blue walls, would be nice to have a button to push to simply make all the walls that color.  You could add wainscotting, wallpaper designs, etc.  Floors would be great for this kind of thing, as tiles become unwieldy, and won't go up against some walls (especially diagonal walls, like in our default login rooms).  Worse, changing your screen resolution can cause tiny gaps between the tiles once they're laid down.  If I want a dirt floor that's light brown and pebbly, there could be a preset for that.  Might also eliminate the effect you get when you 'step up' onto a tile, then 'back down' off the tile...which in some cases really would look nice if there was no up/down movements needed.  The time saved (and angst averted) would be a big deal.  Speaking for myself.

2)  rocking items.  Would be nice to see rocking horses, hippos, etc. actually:  rock.  Even if they won't rock while you sit on them.  Just a thought.

3)  tabs (new client).  please disregard.  found you had posted about that elsewhere.

4)  double-clicking (new client).  For some reason, I can't 'nerve tap' my mouse button during trades.  It's frustrating.  I'm having to go back and use the browser again to work around this problem, which is not a solution.  It's almost like I can only double-click an item every 1 second in order to transfer it from one location to another.  Trading items between clones as an example.  A lame workaround is if your dumping all of clone 'A's items onto clone 'B', don't work on the same item.  If you have 4 candy canes and 3 fireplaces, jump from 1 candy cane, then immediately to a fireplace, then back to a candy cane, etc.  This method (which is hardly viable, but does work for the most part) allows me to move a little faster.  Needs fixed.  In the browser, I can double-click crazy fast to move items.  Not so in the client.

5)  screenshots (new client):  again, please disregard, as it's addressed elsewhere.

6)  room aspect ratio (changed this item, as zooming was discussed elsewhere): it would be nice if all rooms are 16:9 ratio (widescreen).  Some are 4:3, and forces me to zoom back in once I'm done working in a 16:9 room and have moved to a 4:3 room.  Too.  Much.  Zooming.  Whatever options you can provide would be awesome.  Might not be possible, as massive rooms also mess with the display of the next room visited if the next room is not also a massive room.  Your mentioning of dedicated buttons for zooming being introduced in the future will make this less of a pain...but still a pain.

7)  closet/clothing presets.  I believe I suggested this before, but cannot remember.   We should be able to store clothing outfits in presets (maybe a VIP 'perk'?).  This way, if we HAVE to change clothes (want to ride a horse?), we can configure a preset giving us the specific proper clothing combination we chose to do so.  Same with seasonal outfits that we might put together, and would like to use in the future.  Some of us have seriously large closets, and searching to find 'x' item can be incredibly tedious (yes, I'm aware we can store clothes in wardrobes...just another place we'd have to look if we can't find them in our inventory).  Presets would be great.  No more having to remember what boots I wore with an outfit I wore last year, and would like to wear again this year.

8)  really need a larger taskbar option.  the main problem being zooming in and out.  the zoom option should not influence the taskbar size (like it currently does).  So if I zoom WAY out while in a massive room...the taskbar becomes tiny and incredibly difficult to use.  Isolating the taskbar and keeping it at a specific size would be very helpful.  Maybe even allow users to adjust the size of the taskbar.  I also have difficulty seeing the red letters when typing something in that's not in the dictionary.  Not sure if there's a better solution for that??  The taskbar is pretty long...maybe off to the left or right of the 'business section' of the taskbar, show the word that's not being typed correctly instead of using the red letters in the text box??  Biggest problem is when the cursor is situated over the word being typed, and/or the taskbar is too small to see well.  And the red letters tend to 'blur' if there's a couple in a row. 

9)  dictionary.  Here's one suggestion that I know will be laughed at, but I'm speaking my mind:  nix the dictionary.  The dictionary is incredibly restrictive (not even recognizing common plural forms of words!).  I know people who were so frustrated trying VFK by the dictionary 'muting' them that they didn't give it much of a chance....and it's hard to blame them.  Honestly, you guys do know that eventually...actually by now...99.9% of people in VFK learn to 'dictionary dance' very soon after joining.  I understand your use of a dictionary, but disagree with VFK disallowing us from popular and non-offensive words.  Can we please be truly 'social'??  An alternative would be a user-adjusted 'filter' to filter out bad or potentially offensive words, rather than a dictionary that restricts the flow of speech.  How about we focus on rooting out the bad words...instead of searching for only good words for us to type?  Any 'regular' dictionary you'd have in a library is typically pretty large.  Your dictionary barely scratches the surface, and I feel its effectiveness (due to dictionary dancing) is next to -0-.  There.  I said it LOL! 

ETA:  I adjusted some of my suggestions/peeves/criticisms above in light of my discovery of some of them being introduced in the future.  That's great news. But VFK is 13, and I think it has plenty of room to be more user friendly.  Some of us are getting old, and simple things become more difficult.  No offense meant at all.

That's about it for now.  Decided to take a breather and upload my thoughts on things that may make the game much easier to use.  Have I asked for 'static Way-Out' markers?  Only since beta ;)  LOL 

Thanks staff for all your hard work.   Flame.

You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
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