December Player Events Feedback

Hi All!

I just wanted to first thank everyone for participating in my events throughout December, it really warms my heart to see people returning to play the games that I have created, and also enjoying the games!

Since a lot of the games were a little different than the traditional games we see on VFK (like cute or boot and falling chairs) I wanted to make sure I got feedback from those who were able to play the games! I have created several polls below that might help guide your feedback if you aren't good at thinking of stuff on the spot. You are more than welcome to just fill out the poll questions, but if you feel so inclined I would love to hear your personal opinions in a comment on this thread! I would love to have a discussion with people on how to make the games better, or what they liked/disliked about different games. Also, if you have SUGGESTIONS of games that you think would be fun and I could try to make on VFK you can mention those too!

Some of the questions ask for an expansion on your thoughts that come from the question asked, and I hope you take the time to provide additional feedback in a comment because I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback. I worked really hard and put a lot of hours into these events, so you taking the time to give constructive and meaningful feedback is super appreciated.

Thanks for your help, and I hope to see you at another one of my events real soon! :D

Below is a list of every event I did during December (in order), just in case you need a refresher:
Cinematic Christmas Convoy (a ride event)
Reindeer Scouts
Ski Lift Slopes
Party Planning Palooza
Race through the Gumdrop Swamp
Christmas Caroling Chaos
Winter Boot or Cute

Once again, thank you for attending my events, and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback so I can make better events in the future!!

Edit to post: I can't add to the poll after it has been posted: but here are additional things to think about and comment on (since they weren't included in the polls):
Were the instructions given for each event adequate? Why or why not?

Was the amount of interaction provided during the event adequate? Why or why not? Would you like more interaction between players during game play / while waiting for your turn to play the game? Would you like more interaction with me during game play / when waiting for your turn?

Were the rooms pleasing and up to the standard for a game? Why or why not? Were the rooms heavily bogged by lag?

Did you experience difficulties that made it frustrating to continue playing? Were the adjustments made by Paintcan helpful to your situation or more hindering? Explain in more detail if possible!

Would you like to see a series of events like this in the future? Was the prospect of a bigger raffle prize that connected the events together a motivator to play (or continue to come back and play more events)?

Was there an adequate amount of time/notice provided for when the events are? Would you like to have the events appear on the calendar earlier than they did throughout this month? How much earlier? Would there be better ways to provide notice of when the events are (I posted on the MissClue thread a day before about the events with the time they will take place, but is there better ways / more I can do to let people know?)
Feedback from December Events!
  1. What was your favorite event?
    1. Cinematic Christmas Convoy
    2. Reindeer Scouts
    3. Ski Lift Slopes
    4. Party Planning Palooza
    5. Race through the Gumdrop Swamp
    6. Christmas Caroling Chaos
    7. Winter Boot or Cute
    8. I had multiple favorites (if so, please comment which ones!! :D)
  2. Did you enjoy games in which winning was not guaranteed?
    1. Yes, I enjoyed games like Reindeer Scouts, Gumdrop Swamp, and Boot or Cute (not guaranteed win).
    2. Yes, I enjoyed these, but didn't like them where I had to re-queue to try again.
    3. Yes, but I liked that I got another chance right away (like Gumdrop Swamp or Winter Boot or Cute).
    4. No, I preferred an event in which I knew I would be guaranteed the winning prize.
    5. No, I disliked these events and would not want to play them.
  3. Were the prizes received adequate for the event? (In most cases, 50,000 credits)
    1. Yes, the prize I received for winning (in most cases a golden bonnet) was perfect.
    2. Yes, and I would honestly still come to the event if the prize was less than 50,000 credits.
    3. Yes, but I would appreciate a different prize (items, clothes, pins... please expand in a comment!)
    4. No, it was not enough to make playing worthwhile (please suggest other prizes!!)
  4. My participation in the events was driven by...
    1. Wanting to participate in a game / event that was different from cute or boot/falling chairs
    2. The prospect of winning the bigger raffle prize (the VIP Membership)
    3. The prize that was given at each event
    4. A combination of the above (please tell me specifically in a comment! :))


  • I enjoyed all of the games. Some of them were really laggy like the swamp and caroling games. I think if you ever decide to do another event on this scale it would be nice if the games were a mixture of non laggy and laggy games. maybe you could bring back the candy land game? I never got a chance to play that game. idk how helpful any of this is :|
  • I think that doing a regular style cute or boot would be fun! Perhaps with fun and creative themes!
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