Epic ages client

Hi everyone now downloading epic ages client new version taking a while anyone know how long it takes to download on a PC ? Hugs Twinkles


  • Hey Trinity!

    Where is the loading stuck?
  • Hi enigma it says installing please wait while epic ages desktop is being installed . It has been more than 2 hours and not even half way done hugs twinkles
  • Stuck on desk top set up loading for 2 hours now thank you for asking Enigma hugs twinkles
  • Are you using a Mac or PC?
  • Pc I just clicked on new login page with turkey on it and it logged me on omg ty for checking enigma I just didn’t understand downloading lol I’m on ty ty mega hugs see you on map
  • Oh my goodness it logged me out and I can’t get back in sorry I thought I was in
  • I keep being directed back to flash I don’t understand I tried downloading Mac epic ages now it says file does not have app associated with it to perform this action if one is installed create association
  • If you are using a PC you want the PC version, but it sounds like you got it installed correctly!

    Try closing and opening it again 
  • Back to main page now
  • I’m in the game ty enigma was so confused ty ty again mega hugs twinkles
  • After having some microsoft firewall issues I am happily using the new client. When i first downloaded it I had myself on the new and a clone on the old and I must say I am thrilled with how much clearer the images are. No issues so far. Thanks so much for doing this. I admit I was getting worried as the flash expiration was getting so close. PHEW! Thank you again.
    Tried to stay up for the closing party to test lag issues but sleep won out.

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    Millions of hugs Enigma and thank you and the entire staff for all your hard work re-creating VFK for us all to continue playing fairly seamlessly after the demise of poor Flash!

    i love the new client EXCEPT for the old client function of the friends list. on the old one, we can drag the list off the window, enlarge and resize it to show all our online friends (or many, depending how many friends are on). we don't have to open it and scroll every time we need to follow a friend or a clone for, particularly for me, scavenger hunts and quests. 

    I hope this is something you can incorporate in the near future.  atm the friends list acts very much like on the browsers, EXCEPT it cannot zoom (like on chrome - yay chrome!)  now THAT would be GREAT - if it could ZOOM IN and OUT - eventually???)!

    another thing - after we log off, i would like to see it loop back to the initial client log in screen, instead of the epicages browser start window!  i don't see the point of this. you can press the plus sign and open a new window, but then you have to close the one you just clicked "plus" on.  ????

    pls excuse the caps - they are for emphasis and great excitement only! lol  

    i do realize all good things in due time, but i hope you put these items on your Priority list of things to get done in the not too distant future. i'm sure there will be updates in the coming year with fixes and improvements.

    million hugs all around to my VFK family!  i hope you all have a happy and safe thanksgiving!  Please stay home, don't travel, wear masks and all you tech savvy peeps - have a zoom thanksgiving and cast to your large flat screens! ppl are almost life size and its so much fun! next year we will all hopefully have a lot of BIG parties for the holidays considering we forego this year to ensure we will all be here next year!

    and if any of you have a happy turkey - then i guess you're eating fish or are vegan - so woot for the turkey!  



  • Is there a way to play in single player mode? When I try to log in with the same account as I would with a browser, it says user is already logged in.
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