Letter Opener

Hi there,

I'm on Chapter 5 and it will not let me click on the letter opener in her desk drawer in order to put it into the inventory.

I have talked with Anne and made plans to stay the night, phoned the aunt to let her know of the plans and to ask how to get the desk drawer un-stuck. The aunt told me to get a long skinny object (letter opener), but it will not let me click on it. Any ideas of what I might be missing?

Thank you!


  • Hi  @guest369485,

    We are showing that you completed chapter 5 and are now talking to Anne in Chapter 6!

    Good luck on the mystery!

  • Hi there,

    Yes, I was finally able to get the letter opener. However, I now seem to be experiencing a glitch on Chapter 8. I'm unable to click on the newspapers in the boat house. I've put the chess pieces into place and Jane has commented about the missing King. There is a random extra chess piece that keeps appearing next to the board, though.

    I'm unable to talk to Anne, Alex, or the guy in the boat about anything. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

  • Hi @Guest369485

    We are showing that you are now on chapter 15!  Amazing job!

    Good luck!

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