Miss Clue: Christmas at Donner Pass!

Shudder as you solve the latest Miss Clue Mystery: 
Christmas at Donner Pass!
Coming Christmas 2020!

A simple vacation turns into a desperate search for what lies behind the history of the house on Donner Pass road, before it's too late!


A child's scream awakens Jane Darcy to the long forgotten horrors surrounding Christmas at Donner Pass!

On a trail of evil that stretches across the centuries, Jane finds herself drawn into an ancient mystery that she must either solve or become lost in forever.

Can the past be changed, or is Jane Darcy's fate doomed to follow those who have perished before in the Sierra Nevada Mountains?


Terror and violence share the spotlight before the final clue exposes a desperate evil!

Can the past reach out to destroy the present?

Find out in a Christmas you'll never forget, as experienced only at Donner Pass!


Stay tuned for Jane Darcy in: 
Christmas at Donner Pass!

Check back often for sneak-peeks, updates and behind-the-scenes features!


  • EEEKKK!! SO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • I’m pumped!!!!!!!!
  • Ooooh, looks and sounds pretty amazing!.  Can't wait for the release. 
  • I love, Love, LOVE the Miss Clue games!!!!!!! So excited they are making another one!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Will this be a long game or short game like your Halloween one?
  • Howdy @gauloise!

    That is a great question.   Christmas at Donner Pass will be a longer game, it will be the length of most of the Miss Clue Mysteries!

    Hope this helps!

  • I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Thank you guys for the update and for keeping making games!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • I better see a pile of gifts around the Christmas tree, lololol.

    Kidding aside, omg, we want mystery on a jolly holiday because why not!!!

    Also, that "something" looks so scaryyy.

    THANK YOU MISS CLUE TEAM for keeping us updated. <3


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    Made by @bluewiz
    THANK YOU!  

  • Looookkksss soo Sppooky I know what I'm asking for for christmas XD

    Can't WAIT!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • Oh wow this is so neat!  I just checked back in and didn't expect a game for Christmas!  (dances)

    Thanks mintie
  • What happened to "Curse of the Devil's Heart"?
  • Howdy @JohnH!

    Curse of the Devil's Heart, is definitely still underway!   It is one of Miss Clue's biggest endeavors and we are so excited at how it is coming along!

    Miss Clue's Christmas at Donner Pass is arriving Christmas 2020 and more updates about Curse of the Devil's Heart will be posted right after Christmas at Donner Pass is released!

    I hope this helps. 

  • Thank you very much for clarifying about Curse of the Devil's heart, that was a question I had as well.  I really love you guys staying in touch with us and letting us know how things are coming, I'm really looking forward to all the news. 

    The Sneak peek is very intriguing and I'm full of curiosity about what CADP/CDP has in store for all of us.  I have to say I'm so glad there will be a Miss Clue this year to play, I am just inching to play another Mystery!

    Completed Games:

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    edit: oops just read above, looking forward to both this christmas one and devil's heart!
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    Is Christmas at donner pass going to be available on VFK?
    I mean like is it going to playable online like most of the Miss Clue games?
  • Is Donner Pass going to be available Christmas Day, before, or after?
  • Howdy @ScaretRavenClaw,

    Similar to Peril in Pemberley, Christmas at Donner Pass and is a download and will be available for purchase on the products page of Miss Clue with the other mysteries!  It also leverages the new 3D Game Engine witch allows for more expansive areas, multiple camera angles and smoother gameplay!

    Jane Darcy is very excited about this latest mystery and hopes you will join her in solving it!

  • Howdy @JohnH,

    That is a great question and we are looking forward to December for our first all 3D Miss Clue Mystery!  The exact date will be posted later, however, It looks like it will be before Christmas day!

    I hope this helps!

  • Is the game plot related or has a mention to the Donner Party story?
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