We need a Jewelry Store!  Ready to wear and made to order Jewelry!

Also Gold stamp store needs an update, items are soooo hard to find! Maybe categories?
There must always be blood, lots of blood!

I'm a lttle teapot short and stout!


  • Omg yes!!
    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • Agree....Agree.....Agree   or  YES!!!!!!
  • I agree!
  • As far as Gold Stamp, first of all i think they need to create more books and break up the last 2 into maybe 4 books!  

    But, more importantly - I have asked so many times over the years, on here and on the DevBlog, for an Interactive TOC (Table of Contents) for Gold Stamp! It could work like this: 

    1.  An entirely new Directory Book to be created that does not contain items. This is the one you would click in the shop.
    Inside this book is a Table of Contents containing the Book Titles, i.e. Volume One, Volume Two, etc.
    Under each Book Title is a list of the items found in that book.
    THE BOOK TITLES WOULD BE THE ONLY LINKS AND WHEN YOU CLICK ONE THAT BOOK WILL OPEN.  You KNOW you have the right book because you found what you're looking for in the item list under it. 

    and then ...

    2.  After clicking the Link to the Book you want, the first page or two contains the items list again, but this time each item is linked to the page the item is found in the book.
    The Link could be only the Page Number - Not each item as Page Number Only links would be less cumbersome. 

    An interactive TOC would make our lives so much easier when shopping for Gold Stamp Items.  It would certainly help us when we need to find items such as mood lights, mannequins, fog, floor fractures and other items we use regularly in building.

    So I'm going to duplicate post this under Developer Ideas once again, and hope it gets the attention it deserves, i think anyway! lol



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