How to "Get to Bed"

I'm pretty sure I've completed the first chapter, and I'm not allowed out of my room, but can't figure out how to "get to bed"  all I'm able to click on is my suitcase with "favorite t-shirt" and flashlight and then the truck at the end of the bed that is locked, but doesn't open with the key I found in the desk.
Thanks :)


  • Hi @Brandi!

    It sounds like you may have uncovered an issue, we will look into it and push an update that should fix the problem!

    - Enigma
  • Hi @Brandi!

    If you save your game and re-open Secret of the Haunted Garden it should ask to install an update, the update should fix the issue and allow you to leave your room!

    Before, Jane would go to bed once she clicked her bedroom door and then emerge in front of her bedroom door and say: "Another beautiful day in the neighborhood, where did I put my sweater?", there was a issue where instead of going down stairs, you could turn about and enter the bedroom at that moment which was unexpected behavior, and it would lock you in the room!  This is probably what happened to you!

    The update now lets Jane go to bed (the first time) in the same fashion she does later, by entering her room and clicking the bed, and she has free movement between her bedroom and the rest of the house during the day, except when she insists on bed time!

    When you load your game you will be able to exit the bedroom and continue the mystery!

    Let us know if that fixes the issue for you!

    - Enigma
  • Hello,
       Yes that fixed it. I was able to move on. Thanks!

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