Boat will not turn over

I've placed the cork and used hammer.  Boat will not turn over and lower right hand corner it says "whack"  even though I'm done using hammer and it's back in inventory.  Is this a glitch?


  • Hi BreezeZealousWaves!

    Welcome to the Miss Clue Message Boards!

    Reviewing your latest saved game would tell us exactly why you can't leave the boat, if you would like to send us the saved game just follow the instructions below!

    You can find your saved game, by holding the Windows Key, and pressing R, to bring up the "Run Box".

    Then, paste the path below into the Run field, and press enter, or click OK:

    %APPDATA%\com.missclue.formulafordanger\Local Store\saves

    The folder that opens, will have one file per game-save you have created.

    Find your saved game file (it will have the same name as your save in the Miss Clue menu), and send it to this email address:

    This will be very helpful in solving the problem!

    Let me know if you need any more information! 

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