Opera GX Customizable gaming Browser in VFK Blue

Hi Everyone if Chrome has been giving you fits like it has me you may want to try this new Opera Browser and Original Opera works really good too and because they are both Chromium Based all your passwords and links will migrate well . Anyway I have been having this problem where Chrome randomly DC's my Clones and While trying to mazes this is a Huge Pain and so if you are having issues too why not try Opera GX  and make it VFK Blue or Make it Match your Laptop Colors - It's a great Browser VFK on OPERA GX


  • Thanks for the tip :)

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • @Ormonddude, wow, Opera has been busy!  Gonna check out this version, even though Firefox has been good to me.  I rarely put all my eggs in one basket ;)  Thanks again!


    You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
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