Total Lockdown

I'm totally going to go insane. Tomorrow they're instilling a total lock down. What kind of nonsense is that? And no school until April 8th now? Uh uh. Not doing it. Someone help me get out of the midwest.
"I'm not great with advice, may I offer a sarcastic comment instead?"


  • My state is already on lockdown, was just announced yesterday. 

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  • We don't call it total lock down in my state, but yeah, we've been in one for a while.
  • Lockdown here, more or less.  Except grocery stores, gas stations.  Curfew as well.  But my lifestyle is already restricted, so welcome to my world ;)  Hang in there.  Nothing lasts forever.


    You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
  •   Hey, @frogiepower! I'll try to keep you form going insane! :)

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
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