MGMT's Stuff for Trade!

edited March 20 in VFK Trading Post
Edit: purple surf, pink lava, original scarecrow are gone!

I am looking for:
Antique Hotel Poster
Antique Christmas Station Wagon
Antique Skeleton on Bike
Antique Caged Skeleton
Antique Skeleton Painting
Ice Cream
Girl Feather Hat

I am trading:
Beanie (Not pictured)
Queen of Hearts Antique Painting (Not pictured)
Maleva Mechanical Fortune Teller (Not pictured)
Haunted Horse Painting (Not pictured)
Haunted Moon Painting Original (Not pictured)
Haunted Moon Painting New (Not pictured)
Christmas Cabin Round Painting (Not pictured)
Safari Couple Paintings (Not pictured)
Multiples of some of the items below:
Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 21.17.53


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