Stuck Ch.15 MONGOOSE trunk

I need help. I am stuck at the beginning of chapter 15. When I enter the code MONGOOSE into the trunk, it does not just open and give me the book at stated. It makes me do another puzzle (which I completed...or so it seemed, but nothing happened) I am just staring at screen and see tiles of rats, mongoose, birds, and snakes. They have red green yellow or blue gems on them. I even watched a youtube video walkthrough and that person just put in mongoose and the book was available to them. Why dont I see anyone else doing the puzzle that I have or having issues? Capture


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    @NDFan2020 after you complete the match puzzle you should see a a compartment open like this:


    Seeing your saved game would help us find the problem, are you using a Mac or a PC?
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    @NDFan2020 great!

    If you could send us your latest saved game, it can help us find the cause of the problem!  

    You can find the saved game location on your computer by holding the Windows Key and pressing R to bring up the run box,

    Then pasting the path below into the Run field, and pressing enter or clicking OK:

    %APPDATA%\com.missclue.formulafordanger\Local Store\saves

    The folder that opens, will have one file per game-save you have created.

    Find your saved game file (it will have the same name as your save in the Miss Clue menu), and send it to this email address:

    This will be very helpful in solving the problem!

    Let us know if you need any more information on how to send it! 
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    @NDFan2020 Thank you so much, we are reviewing your saved game now!
  • @NDFan2020 support has sent you a fixed version of your game!

    Also we have updated Formula For Danger so that the issue should not happen again!

    Thank you so much for being so patient and helpful in resolving the issue, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the mystery!
  • Thank you so much! I will see if this fixes it for me!
  • Yes, I was able to finish the game with this resolve! Thank you so much for your help and dilegence! 
  • @NDFan2020 That is terrific!
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