Oven Fire

I had to run while frying a donut and set the pan on fire. When I select "another chance," the pan is still on fire and I have a few seconds before it burns down the entire room. How can I put the fire out? I have tried turning down the heat but I don't have any other tools that might help with this. 

I am currently at the point where I have just returned to the inn with the macaw.


  • In the corner cabinet, to the upper right of the stove, is a box of baking soda, grab that to help put out the grease fire!

    Good luck!

  • Nevermind, I figured it out. There is
    baking soda
    in the
    cabinet above the oven

    Keeping this up in case anyone else has this problem.
  • Wow excellent detective work!  Good job finding the baking soda!
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