Letters in colonial age

Anyone know if there is something special you recieve for collecting all the letters? "L U C K Y"?? Vfk is sometings sneaky abouth surprises. So i'm curious is this 1 of them? & BADLY need help. Can't train on uncombining book in Merlin's till i learn Book of Light & Book of Dark, BUT HOW?? Help on all this, Please & thank you.


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    Do we get these letters from the ship? I know they mentioned something about new prizes.

    You get the book of light/dark when you finish chapter 10 in the Hidden Passages. You will need Frost wizard in order to play.

    edit: my bad, i see we get from both barrels/boxes and the ship. I think they are just decorative letters, it's nothing like the anniversary letters we did last year.
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