'Mini-Game Progress' Tab Added Under Menu!!

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Playing and grinding mini-games for the newest rewards and FX could be fun but most times it turns into playing for hours, becoming an annoyance and not knowing when you will finally be awarded with said games special reward. I believe if in-game we had an area where we could check our completed and not completed mini-games (having to keep track in our signatures is a hassle to update), points till next special reward (none of us know or were told what we have to do to achieve these special rewards), SOME show of progress!! It would make the grind much more fun. Especially for me, being someone who is more visual, seeing the progress be made would give me 100x more motivation to continue the grind for the newest and latest rewards and FX. I made up some concepts for what this could possibly be/look like.


One of the tabs under the pop-up could be simply something along the lines of what we receive in our inbox from some games, that show what games we have and have not completed. Maybe even something that also includes the name of the newest rewards (in this case radioactive FX and the game planets) so people know what they are playing for.


The other tab under the pop-up could show meters of progress for each game till the next special reward, both a point total and a game total. IMO I think it would be an amazing idea if there was a said amount of games someone could play instead of playing for points to win the reward. 
For example; I may be amazing at Space Pirate and hit the needed point total in 8 games to win the reward, and another player may not be as good and it takes them nearly 30.
If there was also a game total, he could win the award only 2 games after I did (according to my concept) and I also get the advantage of getting it faster for being more skilled at the game (so the players skilled in their games still have an the advantage of speed over others). Whichever the player hits first, point total or game total, they get the reward and both bars reset to zero. 
Another small addition I think should be added to this is how many times a game's test of skill has been achieved. The 'Times Earned: 5' is my concepts example of this. This addition could help people gauge and plan ahead for future game FX and when they need to play the said game more.

(((all numbers are made up for the visual)))

I'd appreciate any feedback and/or support to get this into the game!!


  • Yes.  This is similar to the Game Mastery Pin I once suggested.  I thought it would be cool to have a pin where when you click it, it shows all the progress towards mastery for each game.  Definitely a feature needed.  Whether its under menu, or a pin, it would be a nice addition.
  • wow youre good at photoshop but i love this idea! this was needed years ago and needed NOW!!!
    It's so hard keeping up in the signature and I wish we knew what actual points we need for certain games as we get mixed answers and no answers from staff. 
  • I support this;  I don't really play games because I never know how much time and effort I actually have to put into the games.  I end up trading for everything because I feel like if I don't know how long I have to play for, it makes playing the games feel that much longer and I just get frustrated and stop playing.  

    With this feature, i'd actually probably play the games just to fill all of the bars. 

  • I only play the games during Halloween and some games don't take long to master at all, while others like fireworks feel like a tedious slog to get though. I would love a feature like this and would probably try harder to earn more game rewards throughout the year if I knew exactly how much time I spent playing each game.  
  • This would be really handy! I don’t really play mini games often except around Halloween time but this would be super helpful :)
  • I thought it was real and I was like, "AT LAST!" Then I read more but wow a really good pitch! :D Need this to happen.

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  • oh wow this is so detailed i love it!


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  •  I love this!! I played SO HARD last..Still didn't get Audubon planet.. 

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • Bumping this!

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • I would love this!
  • A visual indicator for mastering games should happen through the menu, or through a game mastery pin like I suggested in my post
  • I would much rather have it in a menu option rather then a pin
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    I support this! :)

    I personally would prefer it under MENU though. If it was a pin I'd feel like I would have to work it into my lanyard or my live tiles pin display and I currently don't have a place for it in either. That is just me though.

    Side Note: For those that do not know about adding pins to the live tiles palette section, I made a thread about it some time ago. Here is the link:

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  • Yes I would definitely appreciate this feature, this may make me want to play mini games again (after yearrrs of not playing any).

  • Yes, menu button is a good spot. Maybe it’s even big enough of a feature to go as a gaming button on the bottom toolbar.
  • BUMP — If not in the current interface, maybe a new addition in VFK3D!?
  • I think I posted before, but as I try to get an anniversary shirt, this would come in handy!
  • BUMP!
  • Such a great idea!
  • Oh this needs another bump!
  • Double bump!!
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