New story! - Chapter 5 - The battle

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Chapter 5 - The battle 

Adrian turned on his heels and headed back towards the Command deck, the ship shook again and he heard his name over the loud speaker "Lieutenant McCloy Needed at Gun Port 5--Lieutenant McCloy Needed at Gun Port 5"  There were so many questions without answers, how had this ship approached without notice?  Why were they attacking?  There is nothing particularly valuable aboard for raiders and the ship is a standard carrier.  No documents had been signed yet so what gain was there in attacking?  Adrain had reached gun port 5 now, he seated himself in the chair, took 
hold of the controls and began firing! The enemy ship had sent out some fighters as well which Adrian was targeting.  The battle went on, lasers and bullets filled the night sky and all of Adrian's thoughts were on his task he was able to deflect many enemy shots and took down a couple of fighters, their ship had taken on quite a bit of damage but he felt they were holding their own even though they were out gunned!  Then suddenly all the fighters broke off and the enemy ship retreated.  

Adrian Immidiatly left the gun port and ran to the command deck taking the stairs two at a time, when he got to his father he asked "What news have you? Why did they brake off?" "I wish I knew.  Though someone did program the radar system to over look the incoming ship, which means our saboteurs have been busy. I've sent several men to apprehend those three and ask the Adviser if he would kindly explain how they got aboard my ship!  He did good though and we would be in a lot worse shape if it weren't for your handy gun work, now go get the Ambassador and Annalee and bring them here." Adrian nodded and Captain McCloy turned around to start to chewing on the crew for letting someone tamper with the system and not detect it!

Adrain again ran through the corridors and to the hallway the exited to the Safe Room though before he even arrived he could feel something was wrong.  He opened the panel and pressed the intercom button requesting access from the Ambassador, It was silent, he spoke again and no reply.  He quickly entered in the pass code which slid open the heavy door to the room and much to his fear and dismay, the room, was empty...

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