Warning! Feeling annoyed!

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So listen you all, I am sure this post will get some knickers in a knot. Please don't take it personally. 

First of all, it seems to me the suggestions are being overly spammed up with a million and three different pictures of every color hair under the sun. I get it - you kids love colorful hair. But seriously, another discussion every single day filled with internet pictures of ombre or colored hair. Gotcha - you want hair. That's all well and good, I like it too but come on already. Its just turning into spam! 

 Here is what has me feeling particularly annoyed about it. I, for one, do NOT want rainbow hair as part of my dragon memberships bundles. If VFK chooses to make it (and for all you kids I hope they do) I hope they release it someplace else. These aren't unicorns or ponies. I bought a Halloween Ghost Dragon. I want things that fit that theme. The griffin bundles gave us all steampunk items that were amazing and again, FIT THE THEME. 

So VFK, if you are listening, please keep these dragon bundles on theme. More items like the skeleton mirror, the stone waterfall and throne. 

How about -
  • armor for girls (guys too of course)
  • medieval style weapons to carry - double edged battle ax a flail on a chain
  • a set of trap door teleporters
  • a set of iron doors with dragon eyes peering though
  • barred windows
  • a seriously awesome throne
  • if you do colored hair how about some gorgeous deep colors (burgundy/emerald/copper actual silver)
  • awesome medieval style crowns
  • a shield with a ghost dragon on it
  • a ghost dragon wall hanging/tapestry



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