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So I had this epiphany. I really really love the rugs and things we received in the last polar bear bundle and would love more! However, I don't really have a use for more bears or rooms etc. That took my thoughts to this..

What if VFK sold expansion packs to the memberships. It would work something like this, maybe??
  •  They would allow us to buy individual bundles at a fee (I was thinking like 5 bucks) and you get whatever is in that bundle. I.E. I'd buy North Pole bundle #4. I know a lot of people would love more flying Griffin pins and other items. This would be a way to add as many as you want (and are willing to pay for).
  •  You can buy the extra bundles  to expand memberships you own ONLY. (it helps keep the membership items exclusive).

If they could create an area where they are all available all the time, you just cannot repurchase the original membership. JUST additional items.
They also could expand on the idea by adding NEW bundles/New items throughout the year. 

What do you think??? 
Expansion packs
  1. Are you interested in buying them?
    1. Yes, definitely..
    2. No, not really.
    3. Umm, maybe..


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    I wanted to add an idea along these lines just in case VFK likes the idea. I would REALLY love to have the Polar Bear room without the Christmas decorations. Maybe they could do a new bundle for purchase with this included..

    And what if they offered the hairs in additional exclusive colors? That would be cool!
  • Cool idea!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

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