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Clothing for Trade:

Strawberry Hat
Spider Hat
Blue Genie Pants, Shoes (girls)
Pirate Top 2009 (girls)
Waffle Hat
Pirate Battle Game Shirt (girls)
Laser Tag Game Shirt (girls)
Pink Happy Hippo Hat
Hat Day Hat
Various Donut Hats
Various Hard Hats
Watermelon Hat
Morsel Cookie Hat
Ice Cream Parfait Shirt - Strawberry (girls)
Pizza Slice Hat
Split-Fashionality Game Shirt & Pants (girls)
Honey Bee Slippers (boys & girls)
Miss Liberty Shirt & Mask (girls)
Full Halloween Owls Costume (girls)
Various Christmas PJs (boys & girls)
Pizza Shirt (girls)
8th Anniversary Game Hat
Full Caped Crusader Costume (girls)
8th Anniversary Game Pants (girls)
Full Night Bat Costume (girls)
Turbo Trooper Pants - Yellow (girls)
Christmas 2016 Socks (girls & boys)
Scarecrow Top (girls)
4th of July Glow Cape
Antique Inventor Hair - Blue & Teal (girls)
Water Sprite Makeup (girls)
Antique Christmas Gloves

Magic/Pins for Trade:

Penguin Magic x2
Icicle Magic x 3
Pumpkin Palooza x1

Furni for Trade:

I'll add more to this later, including a list.
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Screenshot (570)

Things I'm Looking For:

Atm I'm not looking for anything specifically, just girls clothes/hairs that I've missed really and possibly credits or antiques. I'm also always interested in crafting mats + patterns.
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  • What do you want for your antique scarf?
  • Chyne said:

    What do you want for your antique scarf?

    Are you trading anything specific atm? I'm flexible :)
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  • Do you have any specific wants? It'll help me look through my items faster

  • Chyne said:

    Do you have any specific wants? It'll help me look through my items faster

    Female hair and clothing are preferable atm, membership ones included :)
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  • I'm actually about to head to bed but i'll post what I have for trade here tomorrow!
  • I can offer 300k for gingerbread pin lmk
  • Did you like anymore hairs I showed from the previous trade we did?

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