CH 8 Chess piece glitch

Hi, I finished the chess piece set, and there was this glitch. At one point Jane said something about the king but it didn't trigger a conversation from Anne yet. I was wondering if you set the game to before I set up the chess set or something. Thanks!


  • Hi @guest779794

    We're looking into your game now! :)

  • Hi @Guest779794,

    You needed to look at the back of the newspaper in the boat shack!  Try talking to Anne now.

    We hope this helps!

  • Thanks for your help Mintie! :)
  • Hi, I'm having the same problem. Except I've gone back to the newspaper and tried triggering the conservation with Anne three times and it hasn't worked. Thanks
  • Hi @Guest440482!

    We will check your game now!
  • edited December 2018
    Hi @Guest440482,

    We checked your game and you needed to finish your conversation with Alex, if you check now you should be able to talk with Anne!

    Good luck and let us know if you need anything!

  • I am also having a similar issue with Chapter 8--an extra chess piece keeps showing up next to the board, I cannot get Anne to talk to me about anything, and I am unable to click on the newspapers in the boat house. They are there, but I cannot click on them. I have talked with Alex and the guy in the boat as well. Any help appreciated! Thank you.
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