Miss Clue Fanatic (Season 6 Info!)

Information about Season 6 of Miss Clue Fanatic! Yay!!! :Do

Here is the plot: A wealthy (and when I say wealthy, I mean wealthy!) family of seven moves into Birch Island, right next door to the Darcy and Gardiner homes. Everyone in town instantly wants to know them, even the major of Birch Island himself, J.A Packard (The gang, however, see things differently about this family. There's something off about them, and they sometimes appear to behave in such a peculiar manner.) They're also quite well-known, and have a family legacy of high reputation that has been lasting for many, many years. People become obsessed with their arrival, as it isn't too often that events like these occur in the humble town of Birch Island. HOWEVER, this family does not wish to mingle with too much of the people of Birch Island, they instead want to spend some time learning about the Darcy family... But why?

Characters: Pretty sure you guys know who the characters are...

Oh, you mean the NEW characters? Right, of course! Well, I'm not going to tell you, if I do, it'll spoil the big reveal! You don't want to have any spoilers, do you? :o 

Cameos: No cameos this season guys! Sorry! D:

Release date: Friday, April 9th. That's in TWO days! So you better be prepared!

Tag for this season: This tag for Season 6 will be #neighbors! (In case you're confused, I usually have a tag that would fit the theme/plot of each season. The tag for for Season 3 was t.a.g, Season 4 was ghostly, and Season 5 was virus!)

Well, I hope I've provided enough information! And if I haven't... My apologies. I hope that everyone is ready for the arrival of Season 6! (And, if for some reason, you haven't read the Season 5 finale... What are you doing?? Go and read it! This instant! o.o)

Until Season 6! Byee!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • oh wow!!!
  • OH MY GOSH that is SOOO exciting!  I LOVE your new plot!  I can't wait to read the first part! :D
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  • Thanks so much for the sneak peaks I can't believe the first part is already here!!! <:-P

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