Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 15 (Season 5 Finale)

Hey guys! Before you read this, make sure you have read the previous part first if you haven't already! (I noticed that the last part got less views than usual, so just making sure that everyone is caught up before the season finale :D)

Did you read it? Good, NOW you can proceed!

Scene: Harry Pierce has entered the room, trying to stop the children

Martha: It's too late, Pierce! After we make this phone-call, you're done!

Harry Pierce: No, I'm never going back! The past is in the past!

Martha: Just let it go!

John: I remember hearing this from somewhere... But I'm too nervous that I can't remember what.

Julia: I'll never help you people again! You tricked me!

Alice: Guess you know how it feels now, huh?

Lucy: I just finished the call, they're on their way!

Harry Pierce: They'll never catch us... -He grabs the formula and smashes it on the ground- Come, Julia! We're leaving!

Julia: See ya losers! -She locks the door behind them-

Lucy: -Trying to open the door- It's locked shut, what are we going to do?

Martha: Out the window, quick! We have to catch up to them!

John: Out the window...? Isn't that a bit extreme?

Alice: No worries, John! -Pulls out a bobby pin from her hair- Remember the rules of the Junior Detectives Club!

Lucy: Yes, perfect! Do it Alice!

Alice: -Picks the lock with the pin- Come on, let's go!

Scene: Outside of the lab 

Julia: Dad! Where will we go?

Harry Pierce: Somewhere where they won't find us. Quick, into the car!

Harry Pierce: -To the car driver- Bring us to--

Lucy: Stop, stop! -Runs up to the car-

John: The police will be here any moment! You can't escape!

Julia: Dad, come on! Do something!

Harry Pierce: I don't care where you bring us, just get us out of here!

Car Driver: Yes, sir. -He starts up the car-

Martha: They're going to get away!

Lucy: No, look! I see the police, they're coming!

Alice: -Waving her arms- Hey! Over here!

Harry Pierce: That's it! -Pushes the car driver out of the car- You're too slow!

Julia: Dad, step on it!

-Harry Pierce and Julia drive away, the police chasing them-

Lucy: What if they get away?

Martha: Don't worry Lucy, there's no way they'll be able to escape all of those police.

John: So, we stopped them! Again!

Alice: Geez, we are like, unstoppable! 

Scene: At the Gardiner house, the group is telling their story to Andrew

John: And that's when Harry Pierce locked me up!

Andrew: Gosh, Pierce is such a punk. I'm glad he's where he belongs again.

Martha: Aren't we all?

Lucy: I do kind of feel a little bad, though.. 

Alice: What! Why would you feel bad for him??

Martha: Yeah! He's the one who caused all of this in the first place.

Lucy: Well, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have gotten my memory back. 

John: Well, I guess that's true.

Lucy: And, even though Harry Pierce is rotten, being behind bars must be tough.

Andrew: Maybe next time he's released he'll learn how to follow the law.

Alice: That would be nice, then we wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

Martha: I don't think Pierce will ever change. According to Mom and cousin Anne, he's been this way for a LONG time.

John: I wonder how it was all the way back then. Before my dad bought Birch Island and made it into a town...

Lucy: And when the formula was still lost!

Andrew: Don't forget about my dad being under the disguise of "Alex".

Alice: Ahem, you mean OUR dad?

Andrew: Yeah yeah, whatever.

Martha: Oh well, that's all in the past. 

Anne: -Calling from downstairs- Hey! Who wants a slice of homemade caramel pie??

Everyone: ME!

Stay tuned for SEASON 6, PART 1!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • oh wow that was the best ending ever!!!  yay and now we're on season 6!!!


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
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    WOOOOT!!!!  GREAT ENDING @PinkyB! :D  Looking forward to the next season!
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    Great!  They've done it again, case is all solved and can be neatly filed away in their mystery folders :D
    Stupendous ending @PinkyB
  • Yes! Season 6! :Do

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    I can't believe you've come so far @PinkyB!  Season 6, that's INCREDIBLE!!  You deserve an award and a party!

    Congratulations on reaching Season 6 :) I can't wait to see the first part!!
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  • @Marzipan Thanks so much! :) I can't believe that it's Season 6 either. :o Seems so long ago since I first posted Season 1, Part 1 xD

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • -Boosts discussion-

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Nice ending to Season 5.  Proud to say I've been a reader since season 1. ;)
    I hope someone you love is tickling your feet.
    Wowza ;)
  • good job pinky i liked it cant wait to see the next one  :ar!
  • Yay!! Thank you!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • LOVED the finale!!!
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