Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 9

After hearing about Lucy's recovery, the Darcy and Gardiner family are overjoyed, until bad news falls upon them..

Scene: The Darcy family is eating lunch outside on their balcony

Spot: Bark, bark! -Jumps up to try and reach the food-

Lucy: No, no, Spot! Dogs do not eat Domino's pizza!

Spot: -Whimpers-

Martha: -Whispers- I'll sneak you a pepperoni later.

Spot: -Wags tail and licks Martha's face-

Martha: -Laughs- Down, boy, down!

(The phone is ringing inside.)

Josh: I'll go get it. (He leaves the balcony.)

(A few minutes later, he returns, his face like stone.)

Jane: What's the matter honey?

Josh: -Sighs- The virus is starting to become... Fatal, and Andrew is getting worse.

Lucy: -Drops her slice of pizza-

Jane: W-What?!

Martha: Wait a minute, is Andrew...

Josh: Anne and Noah (aka Richard, for those who forgot the name change) don't know yet. They're taking him to the hospital now.

Lucy: We should have evacuated before it got worse!

Martha: Yeah!

Jane: We have to go and see them! Kids, we're going to send over Mrs. Churchill to babysit.

Martha: But Lucy and I want to see Andrew! And, a babysitter? I'm twelve!

Jane: If the virus is deadly, then we wouldn't want you with us in a hospital, surrounded by germs!

Josh: Mrs. Churchill will be here in about 45 minutes. Until then, be good!

(After calling Mrs. Churchill, they quickly leave the house.)

Scene: Martha is in her room; packing

Lucy: What are you doing?

Martha: I'm going back to Harry Pierce's lab!

Lucy: What! You can't go there during these hours, all of the laboratory workers will be there!

Martha: But what about Andrew? I can't believe I'm saying this, but if Pierce is telling the truth, then maybe he could help Andrew.

Lucy: Now that I have my memory back, I know all about Harry Pierce again. He can't be trusted!

Martha: I know, I know. But it's the only solution I can think of... And I'm NOT going to have a babysitter!

Lucy: Mrs. Churchill is a good babysitter, and her cookies are the best!

Martha: I'm going to Pierce's lab, and that's final.

Lucy: Fine, then I'll come with you too! (Lucy begins packing.)

Scene: Being followed by Spot, they walk to Harry Pierce's lab...

Lucy: I wish we had left AFTER Mrs. Churchill arrived and baked cookies... I'm starving.

Martha: I packed some small bags of Cheetos and potato chips.

Lucy: But... I really wanted those cookies...

Martha: You're starting to sound like John.

Lucy: -Chuckles-

Spot: (He randomly starts to circle around and around Martha's feet.)

Martha: Not this again... Spot, you're adorable and I love you, but I'm trying to walk here.

Spot: Bark! -He continues to do so-

Martha: -Sighs-

(Suddenly, a voice is heard.)

John: You leave poor Spot alone! (He calls from his bedroom window.)

Martha: Stay out of this John!

John: Justice will be served!

Lucy: -Laughs- Justice!

Martha: -Face palm- Well, if you're done trolling us, Lucy and I have to get going.

John: Where are you going?

Martha: We're going to try and help Andrew.

John: That doesn't answer the question... Wait a minute, do you mean Harry Pierce's lab!?

Martha: ...You could have said that quietly, but yes. Don't tell anyone!

John: I wish I could come, but my parents grounded me! -Stomps foot- Just one more week at least...

Martha: Right. Well, we gotta go!

John: Wait!

Lucy: What is it?

John: I suggest going through the back door, so that the workers MIGHT not notice you. Okay, bye! (Closes the window.)

Lucy: That was a pretty good tip Martha!

Martha: Yeah, it was, now let's go already!

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 10!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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