Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 8

Scene: The kids are in Harry Pierce's new lab

Martha: Lucy..? What did you just say?

Lucy: I said I remember! I remember everything! -Suddenly hugs Harry Pierce- Thank you Harry Pierce, thank you!

Harry Pierce: Get your dirty hands off me! -Frees himself from the hug-

Martha: -Smiles and runs up to Lucy and hugs her- I love you Lucy!

Lucy: -Hugs- Love you too.

John: (Crying) This is just beautiful! The love between two sisters is just...

Harry Pierce: (Interrupting John) Be quiet! All of you! Now the rest of you, come on out!

(Without a choice, John and Alice leave their hiding spots.)

Harry Pierce: (Grins) You know you could get in a lot of trouble for breaking and entering, don't you?

Martha: (In a mocking tone.) You know you could get in a lot of trouble for having kidnapping us, don't you?

John: Ooh... -Snaps-

Alice: Martha's right! You can't say a word against us after what you did!

Harry Pierce: But children, that was all in the past. I have changed my ways, that's why I'm here. I wish to help get rid of this terrible disease that has taken over Birch Island and four other large towns. Do you not see what is all over this room? Medicines, vaccinations, medical books--

Alice: Not EVERYTHING in this room is related to a cure. What's that? (She points to a square-shaped bottle filled with black liquid.)

Harry Pierce: (Quickly grabs the bottle) That is none of your concern. Leave at once! 

Lucy: Why should we? We came here for answers!

Harry Pierce: Or else I'll call the police!

John: Good enough reason. Run!

(After they leave, Harry looks down at the bottle.)

Harry Pierce: They must never know the cause of the virus... -He laughs loudly-

(Suddenly, a voice is heard.)

Voice: Harry! Your coffee is ready!

Harry Pierce: Not now Mother!

Scene: The children are now quickly running home

Alice: -Pant- I can't believe that -pant- Lucy has her -pant- memory back!

Martha: Isn't it great! Wait until our parents find out, they're going to be so happy!

Lucy: I'm sorry that I've been a huge brat lately, and that I was friends with those terribly mean girls, I don't know what got into me!

John: It's okay Lucy, you didn't know who you were. We understand.

Lucy: Thanks John. I just can't wait to get home!

Martha: -Smiles at Lucy-

Alice: Speaking of home... What if our parents find out that we, uh, wandered out at night to sneak into a mysterious laboratory? 

John: They won't find out! (He says as they arrive in front of his house.) You wanna know why? Because---

(The door behind John opens.)

J.A Packard: John Packard! What have you done!?

John: ...Oh man. Hi Dad...

J.A Packard: Inside, now! Your mother and I have been worried sick!

John: Yes Dad... Bye guys...

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 9!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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