Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 4

Scene: Martha and Alice are at John's house

John: So Alice, did you tell her?

Alice: Yeah, about Harry Pierce.

John: ...I was talking about the new ice cream parlor in town, but yeah, Harry Pierce is more important.

Martha: I just can't believe that they let him out! They're crazy!

Alice: Well, sometimes people don't stay in jail forever, it depends on how bad the crime is.

Martha: So stalking children and locking them up in a lab wasn't bad enough?

John: I say it is! He should have stayed there for a much longer time.

Alice: Martha, did you decide to tell Lucy?

Martha: Yes, I'm going to try and tell her when she comes home from her friend's house later today.

John: How do you think she'll react to it?

Martha: Eh, she'll probably just roll her eyes and think it's nothing. She doesn't remember him, so why should it worry her anyway?

Alice: One thing is for sure, we have to make sure Harry Pierce isn't coming after us again.

John: Right! It's time for some Junior Detectives Club action!

Martha: Good! I'll handle the online research part. Now, I have to go or else I'll miss lunch, bye guys!

Scene: Later that afternoon, Martha must tell Lucy

Martha: -Entering their room- Hey Lucy, I need to talk to you.

Lucy: About what?

Martha: It's about something that you don't remember again.

Lucy: Ugh, then I don't want to hear it. These discussions are so confusing, and boring too!

Martha: Too bad. It's important, and even if you have no idea what I'm talking about, I feel that you should know.

Lucy: Fine, but make it quick. I'm waiting for a very important phone call!

Martha: -Mumbles- Maybe I should start calling you Julia...

Lucy: Who's Julia?

Martha: Never mind. But anyway, remember when we told you about a mean person who once captured us?

Lucy: And wanted our necklaces for some reason? Yes, I remember you telling me that.

Martha: Good. Well, that person's name is Harry Pierce, and his time in jail is up.

Lucy: Okay, it does sound kinda scary, but who says that he'll come after us? All of that happened in the past, we should probably forget about it.

Martha: But we can't. That was a very big event in our lives, it's even how we met Alice and John, it made us more brave and determined too. We can't forget it.

Lucy: Yes you can. -Phone rings- Finally! Well, good talk Martha. -Answers phone- Okay Ivy, give me all of the details!

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 5! (Which will be posted later today.)

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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