Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 15 (Season 3 Finale)

Scene: After losing security guards, Lucy searches for the T.A.G Spot

Lucy: -Saying quietly- If we can find the T.A.G, then we might be able to find Martha too.

Spot: Bark! -Is picking up a scent of familiar perfume-

Lucy: What do you smell Spot?

Spot: -Follows the scent-

Lucy: -Follows Spot-

Spot: -Stops behind a wall, the T.A.G on the other side next to the vending machine-

Lucy: -Eyes widen and covers mouth-

Tina (who happens to be wearing perfume): -Puts in the code 411678, and the vending machine opens-

(The T.A.G enter and the vending machine closes.)

Lucy: Spot, if I had doggy treats with me right now, you would get them all!

Spot: -Yelps happily and wags tail-

Lucy: Now if only we can figure out the password... -Gasps- Or a code!

(She tries 411678, and the vending machine opens.)

Lucy: Alright Spot, stay close behind me, and don't be too loud. -Nervously enters the hallway with Spot following her-

Scene: The T.A.G are discussing their plans for the children

George: The negotiations for the mayor has failed, and you know what that means...

Tina: -Nods- We move on to Plan B, putting a price on our young prisoners.

Andy: And we have decided what to do to them if the grandparents disagree, yes?

George: Right. They will be sent all the way to Europe!

Tina: -Grins- Supply boats can be quite useful.

Andy: Indeed. The new supplies for the show's set will be here tomorrow, and if their grandparents don't agree...

Tina: Then we'll lock them in the boat before they sail back to Europe.

(They hear a low growl.)

George: What was that?

(They turn around and see Lucy and Spot.)

Lucy: I told you to be quiet!

Scene: Lucy and Spot are thrown into the room, being reunited with Martha

Martha: LUCY!

Lucy: MARTHA! -Runs up to her and hugs her-

Benjamin: I guess I'm just a piece of dirt.

Lucy: -Rolls eyes- Join in Benjamin!  

Benjamin: -Smiles and hugs-

Spot: Bark, bark! -Jumps into Martha's arms and licks her face-

Martha: Spot! You're here! -Ruffles his fur- Who's a good puppy, who's a good puppy??

Spot: -Wags tail-

Benjamin: Lucy, now that four people are here, we know a way to get out of here.

Lucy: You do? How?

Martha: -Points to ceiling- We need four people in order to reach there.

Lucy: This is perfect! Wait a minute, who's the fourth person?

Mayor: That would be me.

Lucy: -Gasps- It's the mayor!

Mayor: Yep, that's right!

Martha: We should get out of here now guys.

Spot: -Perks up ears-

Martha: Don't worry boy, you're coming with us too. -Picks him up-

Scene: The four of them (including Spot) are able to reach the hole.

Benjamin: Hmm, this seems to be some sort of vent.

Lucy: Then why is there so much junk in here?

Benjamin: -Shrugs-

Spot: -Sniffs around the junk-

Mayor: Aha, I know what this is! We have one of these at my mansion. It's a vent that leads to the storage room.

Martha: Wow, you have to put the storage in the vent too?

Mayor: We put the smaller, more useless things in the vent.

Lucy: Well we better get moving, come on!

(They all start to crawl to the exit of the vent, and after 20 minutes, they see the exit.)

Benjamin: Phew, I thought we were gonna be here for hours!

Martha: -Tries to open it- Oh no, it's nailed shut!

Lucy: What are we gonna do now?

Spot: -Drops a screw driver beside them that he found with the junk-

Martha: A screw driver, perfect! Great work Spot!

Lucy: -Pets him- Good doggy!

Spot: -Holds head up high proudly-

Martha: -Un screws the nails on the exit-

Benjamin: -Looks down- We're gonna have to jump.

Mayor: -Nods- You're right. Careful children!

(One by one, each of them carefully jump down from the vent.)

Scene: The T.A.G finds out that their captives have escaped

Tina: They're gone! The children, the mayor!

Andy: What!? How did they escape?

Tina: I don't know, but we have to find them!

George: Come on, we must search now before they leave the building!

Andy: It seems to be that they left through the storage vents!

George: But it's so high up, how could they possibly have escaped?

Tina: It's the only exit that makes sense.

Andy: We're gonna have to get up there too.

Scene: The group is trying to find the closest exit to leave the building, but something goes unexpected...

Mayor: -Suddenly he falls to the ground-

Lucy: Ah! The mayor!

Martha: What? There's an arrow in him, he's asleep!

George: And soon the rest of you will be too!

Benjamin: Drag the mayor and RUN!

(As they run, they drag them mayor along with them as best as they can, the T.A.G chasing after them.)

Martha: Faster guys!

Benjamin: We can't! The mayor is too heavy!

Lucy: Look, there's the limo! We're saved!

Martha: How in the world did it get INSIDE the building??

Lucy: ...I sort of drove it in here.

Martha & Benjamin: You WHAT!?

Lucy: We'll talk about this later, just get into the mayor!

(They quickly get into the limo as an arrow just misses Benjamin.)

Benjamin: Yikes!

Martha: This is gonna be a bumpy ride guys, so hold on!

Martha: -She quickly, however not neatly, backs up the limo out of the building-

Lucy: You almost hit Beatrice's car!

Martha: Sorry! Twelve year old driving here!

Benjamin: Just drive Martha, DRIVE!

George: Get back here you little brats!

Martha: Driving! -Again, she quickly drives away in the limo-

Tina: ...We're so fired.

Scene: 5 days have past and the T.A.G has been arrested and sent to jail, meanwhile it is time for the Darcy family to return home... With a new black lab puppy

Martha: -Hugs Grandma and Grandpa- Bye Grandma and Grandpa, we had fun visiting!

Grandma: Bye Martha and Lucy!

Grandpa: Hope to see you all here again soon!

Jane: Or we can see you at Birch Island!

Grandma: Looking forward to it!

Grandpa: Remember to take good care of Spot girls.

Spot: Bark, bark!

Lucy: Don't worry, we will!

Martha & Lucy: -Hugs Benjamin-

Benjamin: It was great meeting you guys!

Martha: Agreed!

Lucy: We can video chat each other!

Benjamin: Yep! See you guys on the internet then!

Martha: See you on the internet!

(After saying goodbye one more time, they drive away to the airport and then fly back home, Martha and Lucy excited to tell Anne, Andrew, Richard, Alice, and John all that has happened.)

Stay tuned for SEASON 4, PART 1!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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