Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 12

Scene: Dinner time

Jane: You know girls, our vacation here in Pemberley will be over in 5 days.

Josh: Anything special you want to do before we head back home?

Martha: Actually I'm all booked right now. My new friend Benjamin and I have some plans.

Grandma: So you're friends with that Benjamin boy now? How nice!

Martha: -Nods- Yep, he's pretty cool. -Eats some steak-

Grandpa: What about you Lucy, made any new friends?

Lucy: Just Benjamin, but I was thinking about going over to the youth center tomorrow.

Grandma: I can drive you there if you'd like, not too far from here!

Lucy: Thanks Grandma.

Lucy: Soo Martha, what kind of plans do you have? -Smiles innocently-

Martha: -Crosses arms- Nothing that you would care about, or at least not anymore.

Lucy: I might not care, but I'm sure that our family would like to know. -Smiles innocently again-

Josh: -Whispering to Jane- Am I missing something here?

Jane: -Shrugs-

Martha: It's private, okay? And I'm not telling anyone, not even ex-members.

Lucy: Well, I'm an ex-member and proud!

Martha: You shouldn't be proud, you're missing out on everything!

Lucy: At least I know that I'll live another day!

Martha: Ugh, you worry about that too much. You're only 10 years old!

Lucy: And I wish to have the chance to reach 11. -Crosses arms-

Jane: Girls girls, what are you two even fighting about?

Martha: Well, um...

(Phone rings.)

Martha: -Says quietly- Thank goodness... I'll get it!

(Walks over to phone in hallway.)

Scene: In the hallway, Martha answers the phone

Martha: -Answering the phone- Hello, Martha speaking!

Phone: -Silence-

Martha: Hello? Anyone there?

Phone: Look out your open window...

Martha: ...What?

Phone: Look...

Martha: -Slowly turns head towards window, and sees the T.A.G standing there with Benjamin as a captive. She drops the phone-

Martha: What do you want?? Get out of here, and leave Benjamin alone!

George: We'll leave, but not without you!

Tina: -Leaps in through the window and quickly grabs Martha and covers her mouth-

Martha: -Tries to get loose, but fails-

Andy: Bring her out here Tina!

Tina: -Drags Martha out through the door-

George: Now for her sister!

Tina: No, not yet. -Points to car- The adults are home, and we can't get caught. We'll get the other girl later.

Martha: -Able to talk now- No! Leave my sister alone!

Andy: Shush you! Alright, put the kids in the car.

(Martha and Benjamin and thrown into the back of the car.)

Scene: Back inside of the dining room...

Grandpa: Hmm, sure is taking Martha a while.

Lucy: I'll go see what she's up to. -Walks away-

Lucy: -Sees that Martha is gone, and that the window and door is wide open- Martha is gone!!

Jane & Josh: What!?

(Everyone rushes into the wide hallway.)

Grandma: The door is open! Did she go away??

Grandpa: And the phone is on the floor too! -Picks it up-

Josh: -Goes outside- Martha, Martha! -Looks on ground- Car tracks, and they aren't from our cars...

Jane: Josh! What if Martha was taken?

Josh: Then we have to call the police right away!

Scene: The T.A.G drive and drive until they reach the exciting, large city of Bay Lake

Benjamin: -Looking out the limo's window- Never once have I seen such a lively city...

Martha: You're admiring a city at a time like this??

Benjamin: I was just saying!

Martha: Okay okay, I'm sorry... I have always wanted to go to Bay Lake, but not like this!

Benjamin: Yeah, me too. -Sighs-

Andy: Quiet back there!

(Their limo stops in front of Bay Lake Tonight's Studio.)

Martha: Why do you think we're at a talk show?

Benjamin: I don't know...

(The T.A.G get out of the car, dragging the children into the studio.)

BEatrice (PinkyB): We're filming in 10 minutes!

Tina: Got it, we'll get the camera ready.

CARl (CandyCars): Aww, who are these kids?

George: Our niece and nephew.

Martha: No we aren't!

Andy: -Laughs- What humor they have.

Chic (SportyChic): They can be in the audience if they want to.

Tina: We told them they could be backstage with us.

Beatrice: No problem, have fun kiddos!

(The co-hosts walk away.)

(The T.A.G walk over to a vending machine and put in the code 411768...)

Stay tuned for Season 3, Part 13!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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