Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 11

Scene: The next day, Lucy is about to have a talk with Martha

Martha: Lucy! Guess what happened?

Lucy: What happened?

Martha: The mayor of Pemberley has been captured!

Lucy: Oh my gosh! By who?

Martha: The T.A.G. In the newspaper, it says that they left a ransom note with their signature!

Lucy: That's terrible!

Martha: I know! We gotta tell Benjamin and get information!

Lucy: Martha, um, I wanted to tell you something.

Martha: Okay, but make it quick.

Lucy: Well, um, I-I don't think we should be going after the T.A.G anymore...

Martha: What?? Why on earth would you think that!?

Lucy: Yesterday, John called and told me something about the T.A.G. Something really bad...

Martha: What! And you didn't even tell me?

Lucy: I needed some time to think! But that's not the point... He told me who their boss is.

Martha: T-Their boss?? John, you're a genius! Who is it?

Lucy: It's Kennedy, also known as Kenny.

Martha: -Eyes widen- One of the most feared criminals in the entire state?

Lucy: Yep... That's him.

Martha: This is great! We're getting more and more information!

Lucy: No, it's not great! This is getting too dangerous!

Martha: Lucy, we can't give up now. We're so close!

Lucy: Yeah, too close. Don't you understand? If we get too involved we could be in big trouble!

Martha: We didn't give up with Harry Pierce, so why should we give up now? If nobody does anything then the T.A.G will never be stopped. We can't let that happen!

Lucy: How do you know if we'll even succeed? What if we're putting our lives at risk only to fail?

Martha: We won't fail because we are determined and have strong hopes, and we've gotten so much progress! So what if their boss is Kennedy? We can do this!

Lucy: So what if their boss is Kennedy?? Do you even remember the crimes that he's done? He's bad news!

Martha: Well I don't care about that! We're not giving up and that's final.

Lucy: -Shakes head- You can do this if you want. As for me, I'm quitting. I'm not part of this team.

Martha: Lucy, you can't be serious! After all of this you're just quitting?

Lucy: Yes, I am. -Walks away angrily-

Martha: Fine! Then Benjamin and I will stop the T.A.G ourselves!

Next scene: Benjamin is visiting Martha

Benjamin: KENNEDY! Their boss is Kennedy??

Martha: Mmm-hmm. Pretty big news huh?

Benjamin: Gigantic news! You're amazing! How did you find this out?

Martha: You think I'm amazing?? I mean, it wasn't me who found it out. Credit goes to my friend John.

Benjamin: Well, awesome job John! Where's Lucy? We all need to talk about this.

Martha: Oh, well, about that...

Benjamin: Yeah?

Martha: Lucy quit the team...

Benjamin: What! Why?

Martha: She started to think that it was too risky, so she left.

Benjamin: That's too bad. She was a good addition to the team.

Martha: Yeah, she really was. -Sigh-

Benjamin: You're not gonna quit too, are you?

Martha: Absolutely not. This town needs justice! And we're the people who will bring justice to them!

Benjamin: That's the spirit! -Looks at watch- Oh man I gotta go, we can talk about this tomorrow?

Martha: Tomorrow it is. See you later!

Benjamin: Bye! -Heads towards door-

Martha: Wait Benjamin!

Benjamin: Yes?

Martha: Just wanted to say that I think you're really brave for wanting to stand up to the T.A.G. -Thumbs up-

Benjamin: Thanks Martha, you're pretty brave too.

Martha: Thanks. Well, see you tomorrow!

Benjamin: Bye!

(When outside of house.)

Benjamin: -Smiles big- She thinks I'm brave, she thinks I'm brave! The prettiest girl in Pemberley! YES! -Cart wheel-

Scene: The T.A.G are speaking with Kennedy

George: Boss, we have good and bad news.

Kennedy: -Sigh- Good news first.

Andy: Good news is we have succeed in capturing the mayor.

Kennedy: Excellent! And you brought him to headquarters?

Andy: Yes, we have.

Kennedy: Good, very good.

Tina: Um, ready for the bad news?

Kennedy: No. But tell me, what is it?

Tina: The girls have tricked us, we still haven't found the jewel.

Kennedy: WHAT! You three have let a 12 and 10 year old trick you??

Andy: Well, if you put it that way... Yes.

George: -Sigh- You just made it worse Andy.

Kennedy: Ugh! If I weren't in this cell I would fire you all!

Tina: What do we do?

Kennedy: Get those girls and get them out of my way!

Andy: And as for the gem?

Kennedy: Forgot about it, we'll get lots of money for the mayor. Now go!

Stay tuned for Season 3, Part 12!


FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • OMG LUCY!!!! She quit!!  She can't do that!!  AND NOO!!! they're going to capture Lucy and Martha!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • OH MY GOSH LUCY QUIT?!?!?!!?!? GASPPPP!!! THIS CAN'T BE!!!!! oh my gosh @PinkyB you've just got to post part 12!!!!!

  • Lucy come back!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I see Martha And Benjamin are "Sparking" a connection  :x :x :x Amazing, like always :D

  • Thanks everyone! :)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Really really fantastic!  I am soo looking forward to the next part!!  
  • Part 12 will be posted once more people see this part. :)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    Someone needs to kick the T.A.G All the way to Jail!  GO BENJAMIN! (just saying)
  • echo_panda said:

    Someone needs to kick the T.A.G All the way to Jail!  GO BENJAMIN! (just saying)

    LOL @echo_panda  :))

  • Rotfl @echo_panda! So true.

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • :o Tell Lucy that is she doesn't come back I am NOT letting her have ANY of my chocolate caramel turtle!
  • whoa thanks for posting this its really cool! ^^
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