Captain Warlock - Chapter 1 - Walkthrough

It starts off as you, Captain Warlock, riding through the snow...

Step 1: When the vehicle stops, click on the trees blocking the cave entrance

Step 2: Enter the cave.

Step 3: Go back outside and ride the vehicle into the cave.

Step 4: Exit the vehicle by clicking the red button.

Step 5: Turn right and get the logs and twigs near the cave entrance.

Step 6: Yet again, go outside and keep going straight until you reach the evergreens.

Step 7: Pull out your laser, (make sure that it's set to high), and use it to cut down the tree.

Step 8: Do the same to the tree beside it.

Step 9: Return to the cave and use the two evergreens to cover the entrance.

Step 10: Click on the log beside the cave entrance and get the leaves from under it.

Step 11: Go into the cave and click on the empty space to the left of the area where you got the logs & twigs.

Step 12: (In exact order) Put down the leaves, then the twigs, then take out your laser (it MUST be set to low) and start the fire. THen put the logs over the fire.

Step 13: Now you must make a bed. Return to the outdoors and go to the last evergreen of the three.

Step 14: Set your laser back to high, and cut down the evergreen's branches.

Step 15: Go into the cave and click on the floor, put the branches on the floor.

Step 16: Click on the vehicle's trunk and take out the following items: Folded sleeping bag, blanklet, shovel, and what seems to be a small silver bucket.

Step 17: Click on the branches and put the sleeping bag on the floor, then the blanklet. Click on the bed to go to sleep.

Step 18: It's morning, you've been asleep for 6 hours. Go toward the entrance of the cave, (replace the laser's cap in the process), and click on the tree in the distance with no snow.

Step 19: Someone is hiding there who wants to attack you. Click the down arrow while you're still at the entrance, then get your shovel.

Step 20: Keep digging until you can't any longer.

Step 21: Hide behind the rock near the enemy's hideout. Pull out your laser and it'll shoot at the tree.

Step 22: Your enemy will send out drones to get you! Shoot at the drones multiple times until all three of them are gone. (Note, this might take a few tries.)

Step 23: Your enemy, who happens to be an alien, leaves his hideout. End of chapter.

Hope this walkthrough helped!



FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • wow! thanks so much @PinkyB this really helped!! :D
  • Alright pinky!! Nice work! This should really help people!!
  • Great job @PinkyB!!
  • @PinkyB you're incredible!  My friend was asking if there was a walkthrough, and now I can tell them to check out your discussion!
    I couldn't figure out what to do when I got near the Alien's hideout, thanks for the explanation!
  • This is awesome, I agree with everyone we so needed this!
    Cool just got cooler!
  • nice to see a complete walkthrough! i knew we could count on you @PinkyB!! :)
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  • Glad that it helped everyone! If you need any questions or need more help, just let me know! ^_^

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • -Gives discussion a boost-

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • SQUEEE!!! THANKS for the walkthrough!!! @PinkyB you're a life saver!!!  <:-P

  • oh hey! XD haha I found your walk though for chapter 1! Thanks! @PinkyB
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  • I'm stuck at step 21 :( 
    vfk 3
  • Ambra said:

    I'm stuck at step 21 :( 

    @Ambra do you still need help or did you get it solved?? :)
  • this isn't helping me at all.
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    At what part are you stuck? @LazyFang
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  • Abit late to the part but dude, i can't shoot for the life of me (literally!)
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    sooooooooooooooo.....I vaporized the stack of leaves/small twigs because my laser was set to 'high'.  now I can't find any twigs.  Is there another source for twigs???   Step #12 (was trying to do it without a walkthrough but here I am.


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  • ahh..  playing captain warlock good memories

    @Flamanar if you poof the twigs and leaves just get the leaves again from under the log and the twigs from the same pile you got them before ( a little left of the door on the floor)

    hope this helps ya! GL
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    Thanks @iStella!  I think the evergreens that I put in the doorway are blocking the twigs, but I'll check again.

    VFK has slowed down a tad, and all of these adventures (Miss Clue, Captain Warlock) came out after I had left game in 2011.  Slow time on game means I can 'binge-play' these games  ;)

    ETA:  lol the twigs were there, it was just too dark to see them.  Upped the brightness on my laptop and gaming on.

    Thanks again!  Flame

    You'd be surprised what you can do with the short end of the stick
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