full chapter 2 walk thru

you see the ghost kitty from prior chapter...

Follow the paw prints

at last paw print click on print  hidden drawer opens.  Click on peacock feathers - will get view of it but then it goes back in hidden drawer. ( cant store it)

go back to your room at top of stairs screen goes dark then comes back and it says it's morning

 go down hall towards hidden peacock box...you hear muffled arguing.   Go downstairs to kitchen, on your way you will see a woman ghost.

enter kitchen, speak with Mrs Danforth .  She will tell you about her sister, and ghost Kitty, and peacock box.

 go to living room - dust the fireplace and picture above it...it will give you combination on picture once dusted write it down or take screen shot  it does not remain there.

 return to peacock box upstairs in wall , use combination to open it and remove contents.

 top flower:  turn Left 4 clicks
 bottom left feather:turn  Left 2 clicks
                 bottom turn right feather:  Right 6 clicks 

 return to speak with Mrs D about poem & mirrors.
    She will ask you to rake garden.

 return to living room, open the doors by statue, use arrow to go outside, approach fountain.  use one of the mirrors, click it on fish's mouth.

go towards the right, find rake against wall, (store it )
 arrow over  towards fish  fountain turn right towards wall,( holding rake)  rake there.  Leaves move away and you see word: "necklace" on ground

 go past fish fountain to sundial...turn right put other  mirror in peacock's beak

 return to sundial...lightbeam will shine on 3 and 6

 turn dial left to the 3 and then right to the 6 on dial

 top will open. place the funkey key ( found in last chapter) take from your inventory place  into the top.  click on base of sundial to open bottom.....inside you find red diary book with peacock design on it.

diary belongs to the sister who died -- read it
go back to kitchne , and talk to Mrs D in kitchen again regarding necklace
go back  to the garden thru living room.as before

chapter ends and returns you to balta street 


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