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Hi all,

I'm looking for a skeleton painting my offer stands as...
  • x8 Q Magics
  • x1 Fortune Teller Table Set (comes with x2 Chairs)
  • x1 Horse Haunted Painting & 4 ice OR Princess of Hearts Haunted Painting & 1 ice

  • x6 Q Magics
  • x1 Fortune Teller Table Set 
  • x1 Princess of Hearts Painting 
  • x6 Ice Cream Items 

  • x7 Q Magics
  • x4 Ice Cream Items 
  • Maleva Painting 
  • Princess of Hearts Painting
  • 2m Credits 

I have the following to pick and choose from if you want anything replaced or added
  • Skeleton on Bike 
  • Caged Skeleton (2017)
  • Carousel Hippocampus 
  • Library Bookcase
  • Haunted Hearse
  • Blue Headdress
  • Mr. Clutter Bust
  • Maleva Painting
  • Princess of Hearts Painting
  • x4 Ghost Clocks 
  • x4 Ice Items (to replace Q or add/more available if needed...)
  • Blue Surf
  • Beehive
  • x1 Host 1YA Pin
  • x1 Antique - Magic Potion Pin 
  • Random Flickering Pumpkins (NOT: purple, white, blue, & black) 
  • Haunted Nurse Outfit
  • x2 Magician Outfit - Boys
  • Yorrick's Skull
  • Eerie Pirate Head
  • Wizard Hat
  • Additional Q Magics (to replace and/or add)
  • 6,000,000 credits (inquire for more)

Please PM or find me in game! :) 

thread closed :)


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